Tamborine Mountain – Enviro Bag

Plastic bags are a major environmental issue. Let’s tackle this problem one step at a time.

The Queensland government has finally banned single-use 35-micron lightweight plastic bags. It is estimated that close to 1 billion lightweight plastic shopping bags have been used in Queensland each year – equivalent in weight to 96 small cars.

Let’s tackle this problem one step at a time. starting with an Enviro bag then looking later at alternatives.

The TM Chamber of Commerce believes that this is the right moment to revive a project which began in 2010: the printing and distribution of a Tamborine Mountain branded, re-usable shopping bag. The bags were a success then and Chamber members have voted unanimously to bring them back. We will keep the front design (created by a local), as it represents so much of what our beautiful Mountain has to offer.

Our bag is bigger than the current green bags and has longer handles for ease of use.

The Chamber would like to gauge the level of interest of local businesses, groups and individuals to purchase the bags. Either to on-sell or to package goods sold. To keep the purchase costs down, the Chamber would need to buy the enviro bags in quantities of 5,000 or 10,000. One option is for resellers to have their own logo printed on the back of the bag, for an additional fee. The bags will be sold for a wholesale price low enough to allow for a profit in retail sales, with a small portion going to Chamber, to the designer and to TM Landcare.

We will offer the bags at a wholesale price and hope to confirm pricing in the next week.

It’s one way to help reduce plastic in our oceans. This way you reuse the same bag four, five, six times before you throw it away. Yes, you have to purchase bags, but you use them over and over again! Some of us still have these from 2010 and are still using them.

For more information about this project, or to register your Expression of Interest and Quantities you might be looking for, please email the project volunteers via secretary@tamborinemtncc.org.au

TMCCI Management Committee

TMCCI Management Committee (from left) Abigail Chaloupka – Judi Minnikin – Caroline Jackson – Darren Jack – Alison Rip – Jaap Vogel – Karen Wheeler – Michael Hopkins (absent: Peter Rea)