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Southern Sky Glamping (previously known as ‘Tamborine Mountain Caravan & Camping’) - Tamborine Mountain – Caravan, Camping, Glamping

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Southern Sky Glamping (previously known as ‘Tamborine Mountain Caravan & Camping’)

Southern Sky Glamping 21 – 27 Wilson Road Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272 AustraliaPhone: 07 5545 0034Website: Website
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Welcome to Tamborine Mountain’s new “Southern Sky Glamping Experience”, where the rainforests meet modern luxury.  You can now “glamp” with us and experience all that Tamborine Mountain has to offer – without having to sacrifice creature comforts that are normally associated with the more traditional type camping accommodation.

Because even though you might love roughing it as much as the next diehard camper, sometimes it’s nice to be pampered even when you go camping. This is where ‘glamping’ comes in.  Short for ‘glamorous camping’, glamping is exactly what the name suggests – camping with a whole heap of creature comforts. Glamping is designed for those of us who love the idea of camping and getting back to nature, but still like the modern age wizardry and great facilities.

When you go glamping, everything is already prepared before you reach your campsite. This includes everything from your luxury tent, beds, kitchen and ensuite. Simply park the car and hop straight into your tent.  No setup, no pack up – that’s right, just rock up and enjoy. No more fumbling around in the dark setting up your shelter, or in rain.  Just you and your luxury tent ready to go.

More room for activities

 When it comes to space you can’t beat a glamping tent. You’ll never want to go back into your four-person sweatbox after glamping for the first time.

A good-night’s sleep

One of the defining aspects to glamping is what you sleep on.  When glamping with us you’ll be treated to a Queen Size spring mattress just like the one you have at home.

Glamping, glam camping, luxurious, posh, luxe camping, luxury boutique camping, or whatever you prefer to call it can be defined in one way. It’s all about camping, but it’s also all about smoothing the edges of roughing it.

So when you are ready to try “Glamping” or you have “glamped” before – contact us to secure your very own glamping adventure at

“Southern Sky Glamping – Luxury Camping on Tamborine Mountain”