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Support our community!

The ‘Go Local, Grow Local’ initiative aims to help Queensland businesses promote their products and services, and encourages Queenslanders to support small businesses in their community by shopping locally.

Go Local, Grow Local also supports communities affected by natural disasters.

Queensland small businesses were recently hit hard by flooding.

Now is the time to really Go Local when buying products and services, to welcome back small businesses in disaster-affected regions.

By going local, small businesses can grow their business, create local jobs and help their community.

How to grow local.

Go Local champions and celebrates local small business state-wide. By Going Local, you are directly investing in the future of your local community.

More Queenslanders are carefully considering the economic, social and environmental impacts of their purchases. They are actively seeking purchasing experiences that align with their personal values.

Every dollar spent by Queenslanders who Go Local is a direct investment in the local area – its economic future, jobs, human connections and the growth of the community.

Go Local promotes our State’s small businesses and reminds Queenslanders to take the time to think about what’s in their own backyard. Small business is the backbone of the Queensland economy representing over 97.5% of all businesses in Queensland.

Queensland’s more than 426,000 small businesses employ around 44% of the State’s private sector workforce and span every industry sector.

Queenslanders have told us they Go Local because:

• going local helps to support small businesses
• local small businesses are accessible
• profit from small business is directly spent back in the community
• small businesses tend to employ people around the area
• when small business grows, the community grows.

 Go Local encourages all Queenslanders to Go Local and make a direct investment in the future of their local economy, local jobs and their local communities.

An initiative of the Queensland Government

Where to go local.

Visit Tamborine Mountain, located on your doorstep in the peaceful and picturesque Hinterland and put your head in the clouds! Just an hour from Brisbane and 30 min from the Gold Coast – truly one of Queensland’s secret treasures. Spoil yourself and your family, escape for a while and enjoy all the outstanding experiences that the Mountain offers.
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