Tamborine Mountain’s Waterfalls, Lookouts, National Park &
Botanic Gardens

Take a scenic escape into the Gold Coast Hinterland to experience the essence of the ‘Green behind the Gold’ by losing yourself in the shade of subtropical rainforest with lush palm groves, open eucalypt woodlands with grassy understories and deep weathered gorges with trickling mountain streams.

Explore a network of easily accessible nature trails throughout Tamborine National Park as you walk past flooded gums, peaceful waterfalls and tranquil rockpools, letting the fresh mountain air revitalise every step whilst admiring spectacular views from numerous lookouts. Experience where the tropics meets temperate, the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens combines a colourful range of exotic and native flora where you can take a stroll throughout the walkways, enjoy a family picnic by the lake, soak up the tranquillity of the Japanese Garden, and take a break from the hustle and bustle to indulge in the natural wonders of Tamborine Mountain.

Tamborine  National Park

Explore the plateau. Located only one hour’s drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Tamborine National Park is a lush mountain plateau nestled in the Gold Coast Hinterland which is part of the Scenic Rim in South-East Queensland. The park protects over 2000ha of precious remnants of the 23-million-year-old legacy of the Tweed shield volcano, where Tamborine Mountain lies along the northern end of the biggest erosion caldera in the southern hemisphere and one of the largest on Earth!

This diverse and popular park offers a smorgasbord of landscapes and environments to explore across its diverse range of forest vegetation types. Tamborine National Park provides an essential wildlife refuge from surrounding urban development where you can see red-necked pademelons as they bound across the forest floor, large land mullets basking in the sunlight, a plethora of birdlife including the powerful mimicry of the near-threatened Albert’s lyrebird, stumble upon freshwater biodiversity throughout trickling creeks and pools, and keep an eye out for bats, owls and gliders amongst old growth trees.

The Witches Falls section of the park was declared in 1908, making it Queensland’s first national park. Over the years additional reserves have been declared and today the park is made up 14 sections of land and there are now 6 park sections with walks to explore — Cedar Creek, Joalah, The Knoll, MacDonald, Palm Grove and Witches Falls. Other sections forming the park include Lepidozamia Grove, Panorama Point, Pirralilla, Guanaba, North Tamborine, Corbould and Dunlop.


Cedar Creek Falls Tamborine Mountain

Cedar Creek Section (Cedar Creek Falls)
Tamborine National Park

With waterfalls and a large, grassy picnic area with tables and wheelchair-accessible toilets it’s easy to see why Cedar Creek is a popular family destination. Listen to rushing cascades and birdlife chirping overhead amongst the towering open eucalypt forest. For your safety, access is not permitted to some of the rock pools and parts of the gorge, as indicated by signs on site.

Difficulty Grade: Easy
Location: Cedar Creek section is located on Cedar Creek Falls Road. Parking is available in the designated car spaces only and there is no access for large buses, caravans and motorhomes.

Cedar Creek Falls lookout track (500m return – 15min)
Take a walk to Cedar Creek Falls and admire views of the expansive gorge carved out by cascading waterfalls that flow down to rock pools. The track to the lookout is suitable for strollers and wheelchairs with assistance.

Cedar Creek Falls track to rock pools (1.1km return – 30min)
From Cedar Creek Falls lookout, descend through eucalypt forest and dry rainforest to the rock pools below. There are many steps on this walk, so be prepared for an uphill climb on your return.

Travel Tip: The adventure playground of Thunderbird Park nestled amongst the rainforest is just around the corner. Onsite outdoor attractions make the park an exciting experience for all age groups including free-of-charge bird feeding every day at 2:00pm.

Curtis Falls - Tamborine Mountain Waterfall

Joalah Section (Curtis Falls) 
Tamborine Nationalpark

Joalah is an Aboriginal word meaning ‘haunt of the lyrebird’ and this section is one of the best locations to experience the loud calls and mimicry of the male Albert’s lyrebird during Winter. View spectacular Curtis Falls plunging over basalt columns into a large rock pool, home to platypus and a fragile glow-worm colony. Swimming is prohibited at the falls. Continue along the trail through piccabeen palm-fringed creeks encompassed by giant strangler figs and moss-covered basalt rock faces, you might even come across a large land mullet basking in the sun.

Difficulty Grade: Easy – Moderate
Location: Joalah section is located at the headwaters of Cedar Creek and accessed from Dapsang Drive car park. Larger vehicle parking is available.

Eagle Heights Road access track (400m return – 10min)
Take a short walk to explore rainforest on the outer edge of Joalah. The walk links to cafes and shops on Eagle Heights Road.

Curtis Falls track (1.1km return – 30min)
This enchanting walk begins in wet eucalypt forest beneath towering flooded gums. Feel the temperature drop as you descend into lush rainforest. Look up to a ceiling of beautiful crows nest and staghorn ferns growing in the canopy above. There are over 100 steps on this walk, so be prepared for the uphill return.

Lower creek circuit (2.5km return – 1hr)
Branching off Curtis Falls track, this circuit crosses Cedar Creek, passing rainforest, rock pools, cascades and a giant, fallen strangler fig. Beyond the strangler fig, the track becomes more challenging with creek crossings that involve rock hopping.

Travel Tip: An excellent walk for a hot Summer’s day and just next to the entry of the Curtis Falls track you’ll find Lemon Lovers Gelato & Cheese. Enjoy their Gourmet Gelato and Sorbets made fresh on site using local ingredients and they also stock a variety of Pure Artisan Cheese made locally on Tamborine Mountain. They have traditional gelato flavours as well as some new unique flavours for you to try.

Knoll National Park Tamborine Mountain

The Knoll section  (Cameron Falls)

Tamborine National Park

Enjoy a barbecue picnic in this lovely setting nestled among tall open eucalypt forest with sheltered tables and wheelchair-accessible toilets. Marvel at sweeping views out to Flinders Peak and the outer Brisbane region from the northern edge of the picnic area and enjoy the lesser travelled to section of Tamborine National Park.

Difficulty Grade: Moderate
Location: Access is via Main Street and Knoll Road in North Tamborine. The parking area is small and not suitable for large vehicles.

Sandy Creek circuit (2.6km circuit – 1hr)
Explore lush rainforest with towering flooded gums emerging through the canopy. Follow Sandy Creek to Cameron Falls lookout, where you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of the waterfall and out across the valley to Brisbane, Mt Coot-tha and D’Aguilar Range. This track travels close to steep cliff edges, so please keep children close by.

Travel Tip: Following your nature walk take a stroll down the green-lined Main Street of North Tamborine to indulge in the culinary delights of cafés, coffee shop, bakery and restaurants, treats for the whole family to be found here.

Palm Grove Tamborine National Park

Palm Grove section
Tamborine National Park

Named after the piccabeen palm that grows abundantly in this section you will escape to the cool, dappled forest at Palm Grove, as you discover pademelons and cathedral buttress roots along quieter nature trails within this section of national park. Picnic tables are available for the family to enjoy although no toilet facilities are located here.

Difficulty Grade: Moderate
Location: Palm Grove Avenue is the main access point for the walking tracks, but you can also enter from Curtis Road. Parking for buses and caravans is not available.

Palm Grove circuit (2.7km circuit – 1hr)
Explore the lush and diverse world of subtropical rainforest on this shady walk. Discover peaceful palm groves, emerging strangler figs, distinctively buttressed yellow carabeens and keep an eye out for fascinating bioluminescent fungi along the way.

Jenyns circuit (4.8km circuit – 1.5hr)
Incorporating Palm Grove circuit this walk branches into the mountain’s drier eucalypt forest. Walk through stands of hoop pines, brush box, grey gums and a grove of ancient cycads. Sections of this track travel close to steep cliff edges, so please always stay on the track and keep a close eye on children.

MacDonald section
Tamborine National Park

Visit a quiet pocket of Tamborine National Park, this precious tract of subtropical rainforest was named after Miss Jessie MacDonald, who generously donated part of this area to become a national park in 1933. Popular for bird watchers this is a relatively flat loop trail that meanders throughout a ferny understorey and tangled canopy of vines. There are sheltered picnic tables although no toilet facilities at this section of Tamborine National Park.

Difficulty Grade: Easy
Location: MacDonald section is on Wongawallen Road, off Tamborine-Oxenford Road. There is a small car park for visitors to use.

MacDonald rainforest circuit (1.4km return – 30min)
Experience towering strangler figs and lush groves of piccabeen palms along this short rainforest walk.

Travel Tip: Just around the corner on Long Road, Tamborine Mountain Gallery Walk boasts an abundance of 70 specialty shops in one block! From local arts and crafts, gift shops, galleries, clothing, weekend markets, antiques, wine cellar doors, fudge factory, cafés and restaurants – there is something for everyone!

Witches Falls Tamborine National Park

Witches Falls section 
Tamborine National Park

Be enthralled as to why this patch of ancient natural wonder was designated as Queensland’s first national park. With towering basalt boulders, large red cedar trees, palm and cycad groves and panoramic views from the western side of the plateau, a visit you will be sure to remember. Trace the footsteps of folklore – local children once believed this forest was haunted by witches and giants. Sheltered picnic tables and wheelchair-accessible toilets are available here for public use.

Difficulty Grade: Moderate
Location: Witches Falls section is located on Main Western Road. Parking is suitable for larger vehicles at the southern end of the picnic area.

Witches Falls circuit (3.6km return – 1hr)
Starting just beyond the commemorative shelter, you’ll zigzag down along the mountain side trailing through open forest of banksia trees and into rainforest with giant strangler figs, seasonal lagoons and piccabeen palm groves to the lookout platform before reaching Witches Falls. After rain, views of the waterfall flowing over basalt cliffs into the valley below.

Witches Chase track (2.6km return – 1hr)
Branching off Witches Falls circuit, this track leads to Witches Chase entry off Beacon Road. Pass Witches Falls lookout as you explore eucalypt forest and rainforest featuring large red cedar trees. Return along the same track to rejoin the circuit.

Travel Tip: Only a few hundred metres away from the entrance of the Witches Falls section is Witches Falls Winery, where you can enjoy an afternoon of wine tasting, create your own cheese platter from a range of Jambreen cheeses or bring a picnic to enjoy in their garden.

Lookouts & Sunsets

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Hang Glider Lookout,
Tamborine Mountain

“There’s a sunrise and a sunset every single day, and they’re absolutely free. Don’t miss so many of them.”

Stay for the sunset! This Lookout truly is a must-see on Tamborine Mountain!  Here, you can experience one of the region’s finest natural wonders, with spectacular views over the Scenic Rim and the Great Dividing Ranges.

“Stunning views! This is a must-see spot on Mt Tamborine. If you are there on a day when hangliders are taking off, you will be in for a treat.”

“This is easily the best western viewing vantage point in the Gold Coast hinterland.”

“Always a beautiful place to ‘hang out’… “

Tamborine Mountain Sunset

Knoll Park Lookout

Not quite as popular as the hang glider lookout but certainly as impressive!

With onsite BBQ facilities, The Knoll Park is the perfect place to relax and catch up with the family!

Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens

Tamborine Mountain Botanical Gardens

Where tropical meets temperate. The delightful Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens are a must-see experience on any visit to the region.

Just a short drive through the hinterland west from the Gold Coast, the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens combine a colourful and diverse range of exotic and native flora. The Gardens include a glorious lake as the centrepiece, a tranquil Japanese garden, a tropical rainforest walk and many other delights.

Bring a picnic, bring the children, take a stroll along the many walks and learn why the Tamborine Mountain Botanic Gardens are truly where Tropical meets Temperate.

The Gardens are supported, maintained and administered by volunteers and are some of the most dynamic and active people promoting the values and enjoyment of gardening in south-east Queensland.

More info: tmbotanicgardens.org.au