Tamborine Mountain BluePrint

The Blueprint so far

So far the committee has received inputs that are summarised below. You can contribute by submitting your suggestion via the special form, to be found here

  1. Environment Quality
    1. The area of green space (nature, parks and urban green) should not reduce from 2018
    2. Maintain the Development Control Plan tp protect against further developments
    3. zoning of the plateau and escarpment
    4. It is accepted to add small, downward pointing lights on Gallery Walk and Main Street at night to increase safety and vivid appearances of those locations at night.
  2. Energy Efficiency
    1. A plan needs to be developed to supply 60% of the power of Tamborine mountain with renewable energy by 2030
    2. In addition to the main power network which will act more and more as a backup network, a local mini grid needs to be developed.
  3. Water and waste water Efficiency
    1. The council needs to regulate town water supply in the sense that local supply from bores, as back up u of roof water, always has the highest priority. Deals need to be made with local suppliers to make sure that the prices are as low as possible.
    2. No new licenses will be handed out for commercial water extraction (except for point a).
  4. Transport infrastructure
    1. The Council needs to put a management plan in place that includes management to reduce the impact of vehicles on the local roads. Public transport needs to get a place in the traffic management, for local residents, students and visitors to the mountain.
    2. A connected pedestrian/cycling network (bush walk around the mountain) is required to provide opportunities for local workers and students to use the bicycle to get to and from work/school; the same network can be used to improve nature-based tourism opportunities.
  5. Local economy
    1. A plan needs to be written that includes targets on jobs, tourism numbers and tourism accommodation.
    2. The local economy should benefit much more than currently from visitors to the mountain: both in transport and guidance of tourists local businesses should be better involved.
  6. Community
    1. Tamborine Mountain deserves an arts centre run by and for the local arts community, a centre comparable to the centre at Bribie Island. arts industry
    2. The total population of Tamborine Mountain should be capped on 7,500 people.
    3. Tamborine Mountain needs to be connected to state of the art internet and mobile phone network.
    4. The aged care facility as well as overall medical services should be increased to be able to meet with the needs that will arise by 2030.
  7. Other topics